How to use your S-EBT/SUN Bucks funds

Do you have SNAP (food stamp) benefits? Funds will be added to the Ohio Direction card you already have. Use your funds the same way you use your SNAP benefits.


Activate your S-EBT/SUN Bucks card

If you are actively receiving SNAP benefits, funds will be added to your current Ohio Direction Card and no additional steps are necessary.

If you are receiveing a new card, it will come with instructions. Call the phone number on the back of the card.

Use the four digits of the child’s BIRTH YEAR (e.g. 2005) when asked for the “last 4 digits of the child’s Social Security Number.”

Then set a 4-digit PIN number. You will use your 4-digit PIN number when buying food with your card.


Go to a retailer that sells groceries

S-EBT/SUN Bucks funds can be used anywhere SNAP benefits are accepted, like grocery stores, smaller corner stores, and many farmers markets.

Look for signs that say “WE ACCEPT EBT/SNAP HERE.”


Pick what you want to buy

You can use S-EBT/SUN Bucks funds to buy most fresh, canned, and frozen food items (like fruits and vegetables), meat, dairy, eggs, dry goods, and seeds to grow your own food.

You can’t use S-EBT/SUN Bucks funds to buy hot prepared foods, toiletries, diapers, alcohol and tobacco, or other non-food items.


Pay with your card at the register

Remember your PIN number when you go to the store.

Swipe your card at the check-out counter like a debit card, but press the button for “EBT.”

Enter your PIN number on the number pad, then press “Enter.”